Visa Debit Card Australia: Which Card is Best? offers a Visa debit card allowing users to to purchase goods with crypto. Find out about the card tiers, fees, rewards and perks. has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s their high-profile sporting sponsorships, well-renowned crypto token or their VISA crypto cards, they’ve been hard to miss in the last few years. The truth is, is far more than a crypto exchange. It offers a range of incredible benefits and features for users to enjoy. This guide covers the various Visa debit cards offered by that allow users to purchase goods and services using their crypto holdings and the several benefits users can unlock by using the card.

Read on to find out more about the card tiers, benefits, rewards, fees and more. 

What is the Visa debit card?

To assist crypto holders with accessing their crypto quickly for making real world purchases, have released a debit card. It’s a prepaid Visa debit card, meaning it is accepted anywhere in the world that accepts VISA. 

It is considered the most popular crypto debit card in the world – and for good reason. Users of the card can access a number of unique benefits and perks such as cash backs (in CRO rewards) and rebates on subscription services like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. This essentially means if you use your card to pay for these services, will deposit the CRO equivalent of your purchase into your wallet. 

How the card works lists a wide variety of crypto assets. Users can load their crypto onto their Visa card which is then converted to the AUD equivalent to avoid any major market fluctuations.  

FInd out more about the exchange: review 

There are 5 different tiers of cards available. Each tier requires you to stake a certain amount of Coin (CRO) for a minimum of 6 months. However, the first card tier is free and does not require any staked CRO.  

The different tiers of cards 

The table below details the 5 tiers of, the minimum CRO staked required and the monthly CRO card rewards. Each card has a different colour and name. 

Midnight Blue$0 AUD
Ruby Steel$500 AUD1%
Royal Indigo and Jade Green$5,000 AUD2%
Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White$50,000 AUD3%
Obsidian$500,000 AUD 5% received considerable backlash in March 2022 when they announced that they were slashing the staking and card rewards. Previously, CRO rewards for each tier of card were higher than the rates displayed in the table above. 

Redeeming and benefits 

Card users can earn CRO rewards on eligible purchases, however, this depends on the tier of card they own.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is’s free card option, meaning there is no staking requirement. Because of this, the card offers very few perks and no cash back rewards. Users can withdraw up to $200 per month from ATMs. 

Ruby Steel 

Ruby Steel is the second tier card, which requires a minimum of $500 AUD of CRO staked. Ruby Steel card owners earn 1% CRO rewards (capped at $25 USD per month) and can get their monthly Spotify subscription fee reimbursed. There is a $500 free monthly ATM withdrawal limit. 

Royal Indigo and Jade Green’s third-tier Visa card comes with two options: Royal Indigo and Jade Green. These are just two different colours for users to choose from. It requires a minimum of $5000 AUD staked in CRO. Owners of this card earn 2% in CRO rewards up to $50 USD per month. Additional benefits include a monthly reimbursement on subscription services Netflix and Spotify. The fee-free ATM withdrawal limit is $800 per month.

Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White

The second-highest tier of card also has two options: Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White. The staking requirement for this card is $50,000 AUD. Benefits include monthly reimbursement on subscription services like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Netflix. Owners of this card earn 3% and monthly rewards are not capped.  


The premium tier. The staking requirement for this card is enormous at $500,000 AUD. The card includes the same subscription reimbursement benefits as the Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White card. The card earns 5% and does not carry a monthly reward cap. 

Airport lounge access

Another perk of the card is getting free airport lounge access through Loungekey which includes access to more than 1000 lounges at over 500 airports worldwide. This also includes access for 1 guest, with additional guests incurring a fee of $32 USD. 

This feature is not available for all tiers of cards. It is only available for Jade/Indigo and above tiers. 

How do I apply for a Visa debit card? 

To apply for a Visa card  follow the simple steps laid out below:

  1. Sign up to 
  2. Complete KYC verification 
  3. Purchase the amount of CRO needed to qualify for the card you’d like 
  4. Go to the ‘Card’ tab in the App, select your desired card and then tap the ‘Stake CRO’ button
  5. Follow onscreen instructions 
  6. You card will then be shipped

Frequently asked questions

Is the card a credit or debit card? 

It is a prepaid debit card meaning you will not have to pay interest on purchases or an annual fee. You can top up your card easily through the app. 

How do I redeem my rewards? 

All rewards are paid out in CRO and deposited directly into your wallet. These rewards are instantly reflected when you make a transaction.

How do I top up my card? 

To top up your prepaid Visa card, navigate to the ‘Card’ tab in the app and click ‘Top Up.’ Input the top up amount in AUD and confirm your transaction. 

Are there any fees? 

There are no annual fees for using the card. There are, however, fees for applying for a new card should your card be lost or stolen. Fees also apply for inactivity and card closure. Fees can vary depending on the tier of card you own. You can find more information about fees and limits here.

How do you Claim your Free Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify Rewards?

By using your card to pay for these subscriptions, will deposit the CRO equivalent of your purchase into your wallet.